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Create an account today, and start trading!

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Why trade on the LiteBit exchange?

We believe in trading crypto the safe, simple and human way. Join us and experience it now!

Advanced charts

Analyse the markets using our candlestick and depth charts.

We love APIs

Connect your bot to our platform and let it trade for you!

Low fees

The higher your trading volume is, the lower the fees become!

Multiple order types

Place market orders, limit orders and stop limit orders.

Excellent support

Require assistance? Our experts are ready to help, always!

Valuable insights

Gain access to in-depth data to optimize your trading strategy.

Connect your bot to our platform

Want to know all the details? Check out the API documentation!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between ‘Easy trading’ and the exchange?

‘Easy trading’ is most suitable for people who are new to trading, HODL’ers who don’t trade a lot or those who enjoy a simple interface. It’s an intuitive and effortless way to buy and sell digital assets quickly. Meanwhile, our exchange is mostly used by professionals who require advanced tooling to trade and automate their processes.

Do I have separate wallets for ‘Easy trading’ and the exchange?

No, on the LiteBit platform, you have a single wallet that contains all your digital assets.

Can I log in using my existing LiteBit account?

Yes, your LiteBit account grants you access to the entire LiteBit platform.

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