Terra is buying Bitcoin and LUNA sets an all-time high

Mar 29, 2022

Some say that Do Kwon is singlehandedly pumping Bitcoin’s price up by buying BTC. Others just believe that earning 19 % interest on UST deposits using the Anchor protocol is just enough to tackle this year’s inflation. In any case, the LUNA token set an all-time high today and it is remarkable what this particular protocol achieved so far. Why is Terra building a BTC reserve? And what is driving LUNAs price up, despite the market is still going through difficult times?

Major updates about Bitcoin adoption

Mar 25, 2022

As the price of Bitcoin slowly but surely moves up, good news continues to pour in. Some less positive news has also been dripping in the last couple of days. But at least there is talk of crypto all around the world! We list some updates about adoption, starting with the good news from Terra.

The 22 million dollar bet on LUNA's price

Mar 17, 2022

The success story of Terra (LUNA) also arouses suspicion - or envy? One skeptic decided to challenge Terra's founder, Do Kwon, on Twitter: I bet you 1 million that LUNA's price will be lower in a year than it is today. Do Kwon accepted the bet. Not long after, the stakes were raised with another 10 m. Get your popcorn!

Instagram is introducing NFTs but which blockchain will win the race?

Mar 16, 2022

In January 2022 it became clear that the stablecoin Diem and the Diem association would fail. But since the company behind Diem has a strong view on the Metaverse it comes to no surprise that Marc Zuckerberg announced that Instagram is going to adopt NFTs. Why is this so bullish? And which blockchain will be adopted by Meta?


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