A trace on the blockchain: 10,000 Bitcoin related to Mt. Gox on the move

Nov 24, 2022

In 2014 Mt. Gox which was the biggest Bitcoin exchange world wide at that time went bankrupt. The aftermath was a disaster since the platform got hacked earlier and an amount of 744,408 BTC left a gigantic hole in the company’s balance sheet. Over 8 years later some of these stolen coins are all of a sudden on the move.

Hacktober: Mango Markets and TempleDAO exploited

Oct 13, 2022

Statistically speaking, October is one of the best-performing months for Bitcoin. While the market is waiting for inflation data to be presented, the “Uptober” became the “Hacktober” this week. Two DeFi protocols got hacked this week and hackers damaged investors for millions of Dollars again. What happened during the recent events and what makes one case specifically obscure?

Celsius customers are being doxed on controversial website

Oct 10, 2022

Celsius is putting up a show after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy in June. The past 4 months have been quite a ride for Celsius customers. Documents show that former CEO Alex Mashinsky cashed out about $17 million together with other top executives. His wife took out another $2 million just before customer accounts were frozen. This sheds a bad light on Celsius management and many people are wondering if these actions were legal. Why are there documents available with customers’ legal names and their investments? And have you been doxed as well?

Binance Smart Chain halted: Over 100 million USD lost in exploit

Oct 07, 2022

The Binance Smart Chain is the second most successful smart contract platform and has created a vibrant ecosystem of DeFi applications. Only Ethereum created a bigger universe of decentralized services and products. Yesterday, the BSC was suffering from an exploit of epic proportions and Binance called to the validators to undertake drastic measures. How was the Binance Smart Chain hacked and how was the situation resolved?


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