Meta is on the wrong path: Company abandons NFTs

Mar 15, 2023

Amazon is actively looking into NFTs. Lego is entering the metaverse and companies like Adidas already have celebrated successful partnerships with iconic NFT projects such as the BAYC. NFTs are not the only use case when it comes down to Web3 but they do play an important role in this developing ecosystem. While some companies are opening themselves up to new ideas and opportunities, others are shutting their doors by trying to control digital products rather than sharing them with their customers.

Amazon will launch NFT platform

Mar 14, 2023

On April 24th Amazon will launch its NFT platform. According to this unconfirmed rumor, Amazon Prime customers in the US will be able to trade 15 NFT collections. The bigger news is that Amazon is set to dive into the 'twin NFT' market, where NFT's are 'tied' to physical assets.

Bitcoin NFTs: Yuga Labs raises $16 million with TwelveFold auction

Mar 07, 2023

Bitcoin NFTs are so-called inscriptions and an ongoing success story. Most recently over 150,000 NFTs were minted on the Bitcoin blockchain. Soon after that milestone was reached, Yuga Labs announced the auction of its very first NFT collection on Bitcoin. It looks like TwelveFold is a success story even though not everybody is happy with how this auction was conducted.

Yuga Labs will mint NFT collection on Bitcoin

Mar 03, 2023

Yuga Labs, the ‘Disney’ of the NFT space, will launch an NFT collection on Bitcoin. The exact mint date is not yet known. The launch will be a fresh injection in the Ordinal NFT hype, that had died down a bit the past two weeks.


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