Interpol is surprisingly a part of the metaverse

Oct 24, 2022

The metaverse is a place that is under constant development and not homogenous. It is a collection of several places rather than a single digital space. Meta is trying to transform social media into a metaverse-like experience, and many successful NFT collections have built their own version of the metaverse. Recently, an unlikely player entered the arena and presented itself as a new participant in Web3. Why is Interpol entering the metaverse, and do they need a search warrant to do so?

Netflix is entering the Metaverse through Decentraland

Aug 12, 2022

The metaverse is a growth market. Practically every product or brand can benefit from being part of this digital space with relatively low production costs. The only question is, which part of this space is each player going to join? Many brands and celebrities opted for the Sandbox while others are in support of Decentraland. Some even chose to become part of both worlds. Why is Netflix joining the club and what sort of entertainment can the audience expect?

Mark Cuban roasts Cardano and the Metaverse

Aug 10, 2022

Mark Cuban is not only rich and famous he is also into crypto and actively invested in that space. When a person is that prominent like him a broad audience likes to hear what he has to say about several issues and Cuban is well known to speak up his mind. This week Cuban made a couple of statements during an interview that was amusing to some and maybe hurtful to others. Why is Dogecoin better than Cardano and why is it a bad idea to buy digital land plots in the metaverse?

Tiffany's launches limited edition CryptoPunk pendants

Aug 02, 2022

Renowned American jeweler and luxury brand Tiffany's will this week issue a limited edition of 250 pendants of CryptoPunks. The so-called NFTiffs are first minted as an NFT, which entitles owners to the piece of jewelry. The price? 30 ETH. Only owners of CryptoPunks are eligible for the purchase.


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