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Everything you need to know about security

Security is extremely important, because we want all our customers to be able to trade safely. This article will highlight all the important aspects to consider.

What we'll never ask you to do

For starters, one very common approach of scammers is to simply ask their victims to perform certain tasks via social media or e-mail. In the course of action, the victim will lose money. Here are the things we will never ask from you:

  • Our staff won’t ask for your password.
  • Same goes for you 2FA secret or token.
  • We will never ask you to send money or crypto to a random address.
  • We don’t ask you to make phone calls.
  • And we won’t call you either.

Measures you can take to improve your online security

There are also things you are responsible for to perform yourself. Always make sure to:

  1. Install 2FA, this is a second secret that is involved in order to get access to your account. Read more here.
  2. Get a password manager, this way you can create complex passwords and don't have to remember them yourself. Read more here.
  3. Harden your web browser. To further secure your accounts, it is necessary to tweak the security features of your browser. Read more here.
  4. Never reuse passwords on different platforms.
  5. Use more than one email address.

Recognize fraud

Unfortunately, there are many fake Facebook and Instagram pages who pretend they are LiteBit. Recognize fraud by checking:

  1. The Facebook page (litebiteu)
  2. The community (over 11,000 people like the LiteBit Facebook page)
  3. The page creation date (December 4, 2013)
  4. The URL of the link (www.litebit.eu/en)

Fake Instagram pages pretending to be LiteBit are reaching out to our social followers claiming that they won a price or that they need to log in. This is not us, as we will not reach out to you via our social channels.

Phishing via e-mail: what to look out for

Additionally, always watch out for phishing. You should especially check:

  1. The sender: Emails from LiteBit are sent from [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. The URL links: The URL of the LiteBit website is https://www.litebit.eu
  3. The design: Be aware of spelling mistakes, wrong language or old logos.

However, the quality of these phishing emails is increasing and therefore it is more difficult to distinguish them from our emails. Below you can find two examples of such phishing emails. So, always check all the aspects stated above.

Read more about phishing here

Phishing websites – be aware of them

Please be aware that there are many phishing sites or advertisements on the Internet that look like LiteBit. These sites are fake and harvest your credentials which can then be used to login to your account. These sites will capture many different things including, username, password, 2FA code, and possibly even ask you for your email username and password. LiteBit will never ask you for your email username and password, so please never enter those on any login that looks like a LiteBit site. If you are in doubt of visiting a fake LiteBit site or not, then type in the URL yourself and visit us. Save it under your ‘Favorites’ or Bookmarks.

Read more about security

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