Vitalik reveals Ethereum Layer 3 plans

Nov 20, 2022

Aren't two layers not enough for Ethereum? As Layer 2 platforms like Polygon and Arbitrum are thriving, developers in the Ethereum space are already thinking about additional chains to help the Ethereum ecosystem grow.

Testnet of Ethereum Shanghai upgrade live

Nov 14, 2022

Ethereum's Shandong testnet is live. It allows developers to experiment with proposals of the so-called Shanghai upgrade. It is the first upgrade since the Merge of September 2022 and scheduled for the second half of 2023. A big update will be that investors who currently stake their ETH are finally able to withdraw. Second, the transaction fees that builders pay will be lower. Third, Layer 2 will become more scalable.

Google Cloud provides infrastructure for Ethereum

Oct 28, 2022

Google is looking into blockchain technology for quite some time. Most crypto enthusiasts associate Google with Hedera Hashgraph, but this is not the only field in which Google is active. Yesterday, the company announced the start of a service that is targeting blockchain developers and that could largely contribute to the future of blockchain technology. There are not a lot of infrastructure providers and therefore this is big news for the tech industry and blockchain-related projects.  What is Google offering and why could this service become important in the future?

Post Merge: How is Ethereum’s supply burn working out?

Oct 25, 2022

Ethereum has successfully shifted to proof of stake over 30 days ago. Many were sceptic about the impact on the network’s security and the long-term perspective. Some even feared that smart contracts could crash and Ethereum could become entirely unreliable. Most of these talking points turned out to be false or the real problem was not as severe as anticipated. With that being said, one specific positive effect was the reason for a pre-Merge rally and after some time has passed its effects are becoming better visible. Is Ethereum’s supply shrinking and will we witness a new era of scarcity of Ether?


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