wETH jokes are getting out of hand – Wrapped Ether is fine, here is why

Dec 01, 2022

FUD is nothing new in a bear market. Everybody is bullish at the top and everybody is bearish at the bottom, which could explain why so many negative rumors are gaining traction recently. Interestingly enough some of them are meant as a joke and some investors fall for the amusing but nevertheless fake stories.

Germany runs the most Ethereum nodes in Europe

Nov 29, 2022

The football world cup is not going too well for the Germans. Thank goodness that they found something else that they are good at. Why is Germany running a vital part of blockchain infrastructure and specifically so many Ethereum nodes?

Ethereum's Flashbots proposes a solution against potential censorship

Nov 28, 2022

After the successful Ethereum Merge, a potential censorship issue has crept up on Ethereum. In the new block production architecture, an increasing number of transaction blocks is being built by an organization called Flashbots. This organization has chosen to be compliant with the sanctions list of the American OFAC. This poses a risk of censorship on the protocol level of Ethereum. Flashbots is aware of this and has proposed a solution.

Vitalik reveals Ethereum Layer 3 plans

Nov 20, 2022

Aren't two layers not enough for Ethereum? As Layer 2 platforms like Polygon and Arbitrum are thriving, developers in the Ethereum space are already thinking about additional chains to help the Ethereum ecosystem grow.


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