Crypto developers slowly emigrating from the US

Mar 03, 2023

On Twitter, you can often hear American crypto companies complaining that the lack of clear regulation is driving businesses offshore. The reasoning is that the financial watchdog the SEC is filing lawsuits left and right, creating uncertainty and discouraging innovation. Now, numbers confirm that there is indeed an exodus ongoing from the US to other countries, albeit a slow exodus.

Linux Foundation Europe starts Open Wallet Foundation

Feb 24, 2023

This week is exciting when it comes down to announcing new foundations and looking at their plans. First Bosch and pledge $100 million to explore industrial applications of Web3 and AI. Yesterday, the Linux Foundation Europe announced to start of a new foundation for solely one purpose: Wallets.

Industrial applications: partners with Bosch

Feb 23, 2023

Partnerships are usually bullish once they are made public. Blockchain projects of different categories are trying to win partners to get a chance to implement their technology into real-world products. Examples of such products and use cases are supply chain management, accounting, and tokenization of assets. Recently, one of the hottest AI coins struck a deal with a worldwide renowned brand.

Siemens issues bond on-chain

Feb 22, 2023

Germany's Siemens has issued on-chain corporate bonds for the first time, for a total value of EUR 60 million. According to the company, it is a way to access a wider pool of buyers. Siemens chose Polygon, a layer 2 on Ethereum.


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