How BOLT12 increases Lightning's privacy

Dec 11, 2022

BOLT12 is a new improvement proposal for Bitcoin's Lightning Network. It offers a ton of functionality but was mainly developed to overcome the privacy issue of Lightning payments. One company, Blockstream, has already implemented the technology on its Lightning implementation.

Block Inc. and Strike driving Bitcoin adoption in Africa

Dec 07, 2022

Africa is one of the places where many blockchain related projects promise to change things for the better. Cardano has entered partnerships in Ethiopia and Tanzania to educate developers and offer blockchain-based solutions in several fields. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is open-source and not driven by a single company unlike Cardano, but there are still players which expect that Bitcoin will make a positive impact on the continent.

Bitcoin obituaries slowly dying out?

Dec 05, 2022

Since the fall of FTX, the number of times influential people have claimed Bitcoin or crypto will die, has gone up. But it is still remarkable that the number of these so-called 'Bitcoin obituaries' is in a downtrend. Are the sceptics less sure of their case?

New Bitcoin mining report: 52% zero-emission

Dec 02, 2022

A researcher and former climate activist has established a new methodology to determine the percentage of the Bitcoin mining energy that comes from renewable sources. By including so-called off-grid mining, he estimates Bitcoin's total energy generation at 52% from zero-emission sources.


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