Ordinals protocol: NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain

Jan 31, 2023

Non-fungible tokens are one of the biggest drivers for Ethereum’s decentralized ecosystem of financial applications. For a long time, Bitcoin was missing this feature and it appears that some Bitcoiners were even happy about it. Not everybody is a proponent of JPG ownership, right? Things have changed with a new protocol that is called Ordinals.

Tesla is holding tight onto its Bitcoin investment

Jan 26, 2023

When Elon Musk announced in early 2021 that Tesla would become a Bitcoin company, investing in Bitcoin and accepting BTC for payments, the market went crazy. Alas, Elon turned down the Bitcoin community later when Tesla renounced its plans to accept BTC. The story took another unfortunate turn last year after Tesla sold a sizeable portion of Bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoin by listening to podcasts, here is how

Jan 24, 2023

Play to earn is closely connected to NFTs and blockchain gaming. Most of our dear readers might have already heard of the concept behind these games. But have you ever heard about listening to earn? This could be a brand-new thing and help you, your friends, and your family to earn some Bitcoin while being entertained or educated.

Lucky solo miner cashes full Bitcoin block subsidy

Jan 23, 2023

A solo miner of unknown identity had the day of his life. With the mining power equivalent to a single old miner, he won a Bitcoin block subsidy last Friday, outcompeting giant server farms for at least that one block. The odds of winning a block with such low power is only once in 500 years.


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