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Bitcoin accepted: These companies accept BTC as payment

Bitcoin is digital gold. This is maybe the most discussed thesis in the last two years throughout the media when you are diving deeper into the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. Many analysts and investors are looking for hard money because they fear inflation. But Bitcoin was created to be a monetary network, and therefore it is digital cash and can be used for payments.

While Bitcoin is not accepted in many day-to-day transactions, the number of online shops and businesses accepting BTC is growing more than ever. It remains open if a life without Euros or cash is possible. Only a few Bitcoiners opted for the ultimate step, only spending and accepting Bitcoin. But you don’t have to go this far.

ShopinBit – Buy anything for BTC

ShopinBit is an online store focused on accepting cryptocurrencies. The headquarter is located in Berlin. Not only are they accepting Bitcoin and a couple of other cryptos, but they also deliver anything on demand. If you desire something not in store, they offer a concierge service to acquire the item exclusively for you. With ShopinBit, you don’t have to opt for cash ever again. Seriously, they even sell bread.

Shopify – Shop with Bitcoin

As you may know, Shopify is not an online store but a service provider for companies running a store. In May 2020, Shopify implemented crypto as an option. Merchants have the choice to accept Bitcoin through Coinbase Commerce, Bitpay or Coinpayments. That being said, they might opt to accept other cryptocurrencies, too.

There are 1 million stores worldwide that are based on Shopify. We cannot possibly find and list them all here. But, if you’re looking for stores that accept Bitcoin as payment, you might want to start at Shopify-based online stores.

Expedia – Travel with Bitcoin

Expedia is also accepting BTC. Bitcoin is opening the world to you since Expedia will allow you to travel to distant places. A fun trip to the beach or sightseeing in one of the world’s most stunning cities? It doesn’t matter which option is more attractive because, in any case, you pay for your trip with Bitcoin.

Gyft – Buy gift cards with BTC

Sometimes it is complicated to find a proper present for a birthday or any other occasion for that matter. In that case, you might like to consider a gift card instead of something boring. Gyft will allow you to buy gift cards for over 200 online retailers with Bitcoin.

Bitdials – Exchange Bitcoin for luxury items

Watches became more and more expensive during the Corona crisis. While many buyers are looking for another investment, others are looking to own a nice watch. Rolex, Patek Philippe and Hublot are just a few brands that are available on Bitdials. Other luxury items are also available, and if you like to exchange digital for physical gold, then Bitdials might be the place you’ve like to visit.

Overstock – Pay with 6 different cryptos

Overstock is not very active in Europe but is more common in the US. Overstock is involved in cryptocurrencies not only by accepting Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. The company is deeply involved in cryptocurrencies. The most notable fact is that Bruce Fenton is one of the founders of Ravencoin, which you can also buy and sell on LiteBit.

Ledger – Hardware Wallets to secure your crypto

Ledger is the company producing the maybe most widespread hardware wallet that is available on the market. The Ledger Nano S can store not only Bitcoin but also a variety of other cryptos. Needless to say, that a company that is so deeply rooted in the crypto industry is also accepting Bitcoin for all of its products.

Microsoft – Buy software with Bitcoin

Microsoft is accepting Bitcoin for software products in its Windows and Xbox stores. Aside from accepting BTC, the company is also developing solutions on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. The identity management platform ION uses Bitcoins blockchain to make passwords, usernames and other login credentials obsolete.

Purism – Privacy tech

Purism is focused on building products that preserve the user’s privacy. This includes their own series of smartphones called Librem5, but also laptops and servers. While Bitcoin payments are not anonymous, they are considered more private than other payment methods because Bitcoin addresses are pseudonymous.

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