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Beware of scams!

While LiteBit is a secure and reliable service that acts in full compliance with the law and according to a regulatory framework, there are malicious actors active in the market trying to scam unaware victims.

With this article we like to spread awareness for best practices that will prevent that you’ll become an easy prey.

A list of things we won’t do

One very common approach of scammers is to simply ask their victims to perform certain tasks. In the course of action, the victim will lose money. Here are the things we will never ask from you:

  • Our staff won’t ask for your password
  • Same goes for you 2FA secret or token
  • We will never ask you to send money or crypto
  • We don’t ask you to make phone calls
  • And we won’t call you either

If you receive any type of e-mail that asks you to perform one or more tasks on this list, it is a scammer. Please contact our Customer Support using our website and report the e-mail in question. Do not answer to the malicious e-mail. Contacting the perpetrator won’t do any good.

Please note that itis still possible to call our Customer Support under this number: +31 (0) 10310 41 75. There is no other phone number available!

Things to keep in mind

While the approach exemplified above is direct and straight forward, there are also a couple of things that you should keep in mind while engaging with crypto and its related communities:

  • If you are offered something that sounds too good to be true, it is a scam
  • All transactions are final. Check before you sent crypto!
  • Nobody will gift you huge amounts of Bitcoin or any other crypto
  • Check URLs for typos

The first advice is important while checking offers. If a business offers you 2000% returns in a couple of days it is almost certainly a scam or a high-risk product. Stay away!

Always check to whom you are sending crypto. Many scammers will try to impersonate businesses or even individuals.

While there are community driven airdrops, there is no such thing as free money. You might make a few Dollars with airdrops, but why should anybody send you thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin? Most of the times you’ll be asked to send something in advance. It’s a scam.

Typos are common mistakes. Scammers know that and will use a method called typo squatting. Meaning that they host websites that resemble common typos in order to lure the victim on a fake platform. You can easily prevent this by bookmarking important websites in your browser or checking the SSL certificates each time you’ll visit a crypto related website.

Stay safe, take care

These steps and recommendations are a good start to prevent harm. If you like to boost your security you should also check our articles about 2FA, password managers and general account security.

Those measures are easy, for free and we guide you through it.


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