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The best crypto Twitter accounts

It's well known you'll find plenty of selfies, semi-cute memes and fierce polemic on Twitter. But when you know who to follow, you can get a thorough crypto education on this platform. By bits and pieces and with some detours. But from one thread to the next long read, you'll learn a ton. We list the best crypto Twitter accounts, organized by speciality.

Podcasters / Education

Try to start with the educators, because these people go deeper than just price action.

What Bitcoin did: Peter McCormack is the Joe Rogan among crypto podcasters. Just as Rogan tends to have comedians and fighters as guests, Peter McCormack has a lot of Bitcoin-oriented guests. Peter readily admits that he is not the brightest chap – but he listens well.

Pomp: Anthony Pompliano is a first-time investor in Bitcoin mining and one of the most friendly and hard-working entrepreneurs and podcasters in this field.

Coin Bureau: Guy is not a financial advisor, is the recurring joke. Still, Coin Bureau is the biggest crypto YouTube channel: Guy is the hardest working guy in crypto content.

Andreas Antonopoulos: probably the best explainer and speaker, combining his amazing rhetorical gifts with a deep understanding of the technology. Never talks about the price, which is beneath him. Wrote books on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lightning.

Investors coming from traditional markets

This list is useful to assure yourself that you are not only in a bubble. All of these Twitter users are deep into crypto but originally come from the world of traditional finance. They understand how economics and markets work and how governments, regulators and hedge funds think.

Raoul Pal: ex-Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager, founder of Real Vision. Now all his money on crypto.

Simon Dixon: worked as a trader at an investment bank but attended the first European Bitcoin conference in 2011. Founder of BnkToTheFuture, where individuals can invest in crypto startups.

Caitlin Long: did pensions at Morgan Stanley, immersed in Bitcoin since 2012. Deep understanding of finance and how markets are regulated.

Ari Paul: former derivatives trader and portfolio manager. Founder of BlockTower Capital, an investment house that is full into crypto. Not dogmatic but pragmatic.

Mike Novogratz: was a hedge fund manager and in 2013 one of the first of macro investors to bet big on Bitcoin. Founder of Galaxy Digital.

Experts of monetary history

We first wanted to call this group Bitcoin thinkers. This is because most people on this list have studied the history of money, which is essential to gaining a thorough understanding of Bitcoin. Therefore, some in this camp tend toward Bitcoin maximalism and that, of course, is not everyone's taste.

Robert Breedlove: was dissatisfied with his successful career in traditional finance. He sees Bitcoin as a path-dependent invention that could only be done once.

Alex Gladstein: has written extensively on the use of Bitcoin in countries living under dictatorships or hyperinflation.

Saifedean Ammous: author of the most famous book on Bitcoin: The Bitcoin Standard. A deep thinker but sometimes holds extreme views. A true maximalist.

Lyn Alden: has a background as an engineer, like many who have the most thorough understanding of Bitcoin. Can explain both why the dollar, oil prices and Bitcoin move.

Jason Lowery: works in the US military and uses a combat metaphors to explain that hard money needs to be conquered, even if it is digital.


The analysts selected here will never give you the advice to sign up for an exchange where you can do leverage trading with their affiliate link. Thorough analyses, not only 'technical' but also fundamental and on-chain.

Willy Woo: has been in the crypto market for years. Always stays relaxed, whether the price crashes or goes up. Focuses on on-chain metrics.

Will Clemente: only nineteen years old but mature for his age. Has only been in the business since 2020 but keeps his cool.

Benjamin Cowen: soft-spoken analyst with an old webcam. Seems to be right in his assertion that the Bitcoin cycle is getting longer.

PlanB: the pseudonymous Dutch analyst worked out the stock-to-flow model for Bitcoin: by far the best-known pricing model.

Peter Brandt: an old-timer who has been looking at charts for over forty years and can tell a double top from a triangle pattern.

The frontline of metaverse & NFTs

These Twitter profiles are without a doubt literally the most colourful.

Artnet: insightful threads on the disruption and democratization of the art world by NFTs. Artists are no longer dependent on the art mafia.

Yat Siu: founder of Animoca, which was one of the first to invest in crypto gaming like Axie.

Natascha Che: thinks a lot about the competition between proof-of-stake protocols. Crushed a real diamond to coin an NFT from the store of value aspect of the said diamond. Auctioned this NFT at a higher price than the now-destroyed diamond cost her.

Piers Kicks: when he explained what is already possible in the Metaverse he had Raoul Pal's jaw drop to the floor.

6529: anonymous and eloquent. What Antonopoulos did for Bitcoin, he does for NFTs: explain why it is not a passing fad.


A gathering of high profile twitterers whose influence can set markets in motion. In some cases, literally with a single tweet.

Michael Saylor: the Bitcoin Bull Bull Bull. Under his leadership, software company MicroStrategy has two pillars: selling software and buying Bitcoin. As much as possible. As of this writing, more than 120.000.

Najib Bukele: the president of El Salvador has a bold strategy to free his country from the clutches of the IMF: Buy Bitcoin and mine it. Tweeted deadpan that he bought but missed the dip.

CZ (Binance): the Elon Musk of crypto. In just a few years, he created the largest crypto exchange in the world: Binance. Stays cool under the many attacks from the regulatory authorities.

Elon Musk: loves Bitcoin and Dogecoin even more. Can't resist influencing the price of both coins with his tweets.

Jack Dorsey: ex-CEO of Twitter has the Bitcoin fire burning within. He views Bitcoin as a more important project than Twitter.

Max Keiser: the high priest of Bitcoin, since the early days. Inspired Bukele to launch Bitcoin bonds. A true Bitcoin maximalist, quick to dismiss other projects.

Cathie Wood: the fund manager of ARK Invest, which does thorough research and bets big on "disruptive technologies”. Crypto is one of them.

Gary Vaynerchuk: social media expert of the early days now has his own line of NFTs.

The Founders

The OGs to whom we owe it all.

Vitalik Buterin: the genius mind, creator of Ethereum. A very open personality, who doesn't think in a tribal way.

Charles Hoskinson: the eloquent and academic co-founder of Ethereum founded competitor Cardano, now a fixture in the top 10 crypto coins.

Crypto news media

News about crypto has been a mature industry for years. Coindesk is the leading news medium, followed closely by Cointelegraph.

All tweets of the aforementioned accounts are their beliefs and do not reflect LiteBit's opinions. Always do your own research before investing. And don't forget to follow:

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