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Advantages of the LiteBit wallet

As any other software solution each wallet comes with certain advantages. LiteBit wallet is a native service integrated into your personal trading account. Why is it better in some cases to use our service rather than controlling your private keys?

There are a couple of use cases that will greatly improve your overall experience using LiteBit wallet.

Save your disk space

LiteBit wallet offers you to send and receive over 50 different cryptocurrencies. We also review and add new cryptocurrencies on a regular basis. Each coin requires its own wallet and has its very own blockchain. Most of these wallets will require to download the whole blockchain to work properly. Let’s take a look at Bitcoin.

At the time of writing the Bitcoin Core client itself requires only very little space, but the blockchain will eat around 318 GB of space on your SSD or hard drive. Now multiply this number by 50 and it is easy to see that you would need a lot more resources. Even though this example is a very rough estimation it would still require a huge amount of disk space to run all clients properly.

With LiteBit wallet you have none of these issues, since we run the software for you on our professional and audited backend.

Maintaining your wallets

Even if you have the resources or you are familiar with pruning all those blockchains, there is still a lot of work to do. All those projects update their core clients on a regular basis and one is well advised to review the code and make sure that it runs stable and reliable.

LiteBit wallet saves you a lot of time experimenting and maintaining new software updates. We are only working with certified IT professionals who will make sure that each coin that is integrated with LiteBit wallet runs properly and according to best practice.

Our service is available with only a minimum of downtime for necessary maintenance, so that you can send and receive cryptocurrencies at any time.

One wallet, all platforms

LiteBit wallet is also available on all platforms. You can either send and receive cryptocurrencies using our smartphone app or simply login on any desktop computer using a web browser. Please keep in mind that you should always use a trusted computer, preferably your own.

Our wallet service offers you the option to switch seamlessly between devices, while still being able to access the power of over 50 different cryptocurrencies and their respective networks. You enjoy one of the best user experiences available on the market and we make sure that everything works as intended and fully secure at all times.


Trade anytime, anywhere

Boost your trading impact and reaction time in over 80+ cryptocurrencies via instant access to your portfolio with the LiteBit app.

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