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Ethereum staking as future 'bond of the internet'

May 02, 2022

Bitcoin and Ether are seen as risky in turbulent times. But there's something to be said for the fact that this is going to change. Will they be viewed more as risk-off assets? And could Ethereum even become the 'bond of the internet'? We list the arguments for and against this slightly daring proposition.

What is STEPN? The first move to earn game explained

Apr 21, 2022

Play to earn is a Web3 category some of our readers might already accustom to. The idea is simple. The player performs tasks and in return, he receives a tokenized reward that can be held, swapped, or traded for fiat currency. Hence the name play to earn.

What are tokenomics in crypto?

Apr 21, 2022

You might have already heard of the term tokenomics if you are interested in crypto projects that often do not rely on their own blockchain but rather on other driving factors. The term has become quite popular in the last few years and basically describes the incentive structure that is underlying a blockchain protocol and its token. If the tokenomics are well formulated a token may thrive and increase in value. Hype and market sentiment is a factor that drives value in the short term. The tokenomics on the other hand focus on the long-term value and are therefore more important to investors rather than traders who are looking to realize profits in a very short amount of time. How are tokenomics working and how do they define the value of a token?

Six arguments against crypto - and how to refute them

Apr 19, 2022

Although governments and the media have recently been more positive about Bitcoin and crypto, a sizable portion of the circulating opinions remain negative. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding of some fundamental concepts. We list a number of objections - with counterarguments.


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