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What does FOMO mean?

Jun 07, 2022

FOMO is the abbreviation for Fear Of Missing Out. Anyone who has ever had the feeling of "I need to buy this, now!" can relate. The feeling is not always an omen of a good investment or trade.

Initial Dex Offering (IDO) explained

Jun 06, 2022

If a company is entering the stock market it is usually interested in starting an initial public offering or IPO. This is a concept that is very promising to both investors and companies. It offers the opportunity to buy shares at a fixed price before they start trading on the stock market. The company on the other hand is raising a lot of capital by selling these shares and has the chance to increase its liquidity. When the Ethereum blockchain was born it became fairly easy to program a smart contract and issue tokens in the same manner as shares are issued during an IPO. In effect, IPOs became decentralized and even more important tokenized. What are initial dex offerings? What do they offer and which risks and chances do they carry?

Four trading strategies for crypto

Jun 03, 2022

The difference between investing and trading exists in crypto just as much as it does in traditional markets. Although the jargon is sometimes different, the bottom line is the same. Do you want to time the market or rather not worry about the short-term price? But if you want to trade, on what timeframe?

How to send Bitcoin

Jun 02, 2022

Sending Bitcoin is really not that different from sending any other digital money. You do it when you want to pay someone or, for example, to move your Bitcoin between two of your own wallets.


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