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Brace yourselves KYC is coming –How the new regulations make it safer to trade

Oct 12, 2020

A basic idea of cryptocurrencies is the individual freedom of each person to decide about his or her own finances. Third parties should not have the possibility to interfere with the transactions of others. This has made Bitcoin extremely successful and is ultimately the reason why other crypto are also considered innovative payment systems.

Advantages of the LiteBit wallet

Oct 12, 2020

As any other software solution each wallet comes with certain advantages. LiteBit wallet is a native service integrated into your personal trading account. Why is it better in some cases to use our service rather than controlling your private keys? There are a couple of use cases that will greatly improve your overall experience using LiteBit wallet.

Cautious trading: Dollar Cost Average

Oct 08, 2020

Many traders are interested to minimize their risks in trading. One of the major problems is to estimate when the price of an asset has reached its bottom. There is always the possibility involved that the price didn’t found support yet and is going down further. Dollar cost average or DCA is a strategy to tackle this very common problem in trading. It is a method to mitigate the fact that you cannot be right all the time.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Oct 08, 2020

Deposits and withdrawals with LiteBit are as easy as any other transaction that you can perform with cryptocurrencies. You can only send or receive crypto which are listed at LiteBit. Please make sure that you have selected the correct wallet for each coin or token that you would like to send or receive. After connecting and verifying your bank account you will be able to withdraw and deposit Euros as well.


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