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What is phishing?

Oct 16, 2020

Phishing exists in many forms of contact, with the goal of extracting confidential information. This is done via phone, social media, emails, and counterfeit websites. Fraudsters ‘fish’ for information from potential victims by sending emails, sending messages on social media, sending text messages to your cellphone, or calling you claiming some form of urgency. The goal is to gain access to digital or physical property. When you click on a link to a fake website, you are asked to submit your login credentials. When you provide them with your login credentials, the criminals can use these to access your account without you even knowing. 

How to secure all your accounts

Oct 13, 2020

Your LiteBit account is already very secure, because we built all our products with security in mind. But there are other weak spots that can emerge if you don’t take account security serious enough. With this short guide we like to provide you the basic knowledge to check on your general IT security and do things the right way.

Crypto 101: Hardware wallets

Oct 13, 2020

A hardware wallet is a device for users who seek more security. It is often used to protect larger amounts of crypto and is the first choice of many hodlers. What are the advantages using such a device?

2FA: Boost your security

Oct 13, 2020

You might have already noticed that at LiteBit2FA is mandatory. What is this security feature and why do we insist using it? With this article we are going to show you the benefits and explain the basics.


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