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Bitcoin ETF: What is it and why is it better to hold BTC?

Oct 19, 2021

Since 2018 many companies working in banking and finance have tried to establish a Bitcoin ETF. Among them Van Eck and Bitwise who applied repeatedly in the USA. A few have succeeded with notable examples in Canada and France. Starting October 2021, Bitcoin ETFs are now allowed in the United States as well, surging a new BTC rally. But buying an ETF is not the same as buying and holding Bitcoin.

Bitcoin accepted: These companies accept BTC as payment

Oct 18, 2021

While Bitcoin is not accepted in many day-to-day transactions, the number of online shops and businesses accepting BTC is growing more than ever. It remains open if a life without Euros or cash is possible. Only a few Bitcoiners opted for the ultimate step, only spending and accepting Bitcoin. But you don’t have to go this far.

S2F explained: What is the Stock to Flow Model?

Oct 14, 2021

Who created the S2F model for Bitcoin, and how does it work? And even more important, is the stock to flow model valid or just a glorified chart?

What are Bitcoin nodes?

Oct 12, 2021

Running a Bitcoin node is not that complicated. While many people pay attention to what the miners are doing and why proof of work is so important for the network, they often overlook the fact that each node plays an important role. But what is a Bitcoin node, and what is it doing exactly?


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