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What is the Kimchi premium?

Nov 14, 2022

Kimchi premium is the term to describe the price differences between cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea and those in the global markets. The premium is sometimes smaller, or can even disappear, depending on market conditions. It is a signal of an overheated retail market, indicating that prices might be peaking.

USDT, USDC and EUROC compared – What do these stablecoins have to offer?

Nov 07, 2022

Stablecoins are a vital part of the broader DeFi economy. Many assets on decentralized exchanges are denominated in “stables”. This is a trend that has set in three years ago. Before that time most crypto assets were either denominated in BTC or ETH. That is not the only reason why stablecoins have become important and serve as a pillar in the crypto economy.

Taproot Asset Representation Overlay explained: What is TARO bringing to Bitcoin?

Nov 03, 2022

Bitcoin is decentralized and secure. The downside of both features is that Bitcoin doesn’t scale very well and cannot execute complex smart contracts as Ethereum does. This limits its use and while the mother of cryptocurrencies still stands tall, it needs to change and adapt to the existing demand.  The most promising technical approach to solve at least one of both issues is the so-called Lightning Network. It is a protocol that runs on top of Bitcoin and offers almost instant finality of transactions by facilitating them off-chain and confirming them at a later point in time. In this sense, the Lightning Network is the transactional layer that still profits from Bitcoin’s security and finality of its blockchain. TARO is a brand-new invention that was brought to life by Lightning Labs and just introduced in late September 2022 as an alpha version. 

Gold here to stay: Central Banks bought record amounts in 2022

Nov 02, 2022

The amount of gold bought by central banks in 2022 is higher than any year in the past decade, and the year is of course not over. Especially the third quarter witnessed a real buying spree. What is behind this and why is the gold price not climbing?


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