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-2.19%for last 24 hours
Oct 29Oct 29Nov 05Nov 05Nov 12Nov 12Nov 19Nov 19€49,943.4€49,943.4€52,942.4€52,942.4€55,942.4€55,942.4€58,941.4€58,941.4

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first and most well-known digital currency. Bitcoin forms the basis for other cryptocurrencies and uses a decentralised network, called the blockchain. This prime digital currency makes it possible to carry out mutually beneficial transactions without the intervention of a third party. Bitcoin is the largest and most widely adopted cryptocurrency. It has built-in scarcity, with a total of just 21 million bitcoins ever entering the system. You can safely and reliably buy, sell, send and store Bitcoin at LiteBit.

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