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Where can I ask my questions?

We want to help all of our customers the best we can, and we work hard to truly make this happen. Because of the many questions, you may have to wait longer for an answer.

Do you want to reach us by phone? Then there is a chance that you will end up in the queue. That is why we would like to ask you to create a ticket via our support page. Here you can ask your question and share information about, for example, your specific account. In this way, we can help you and others as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Is your question already listed here?

To help you the best as possible, we have answered many of the questions in our FAQ. So check before you add a ticket, if the answer is already here. This way, you will have the fastest answer to your question.

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A quick answer to your question via the chatbot

In addition, we also have a chatbot that is set up to help you in the best way. If our chatbot cannot help, you will still be connected to someone from our customer support team. You can find the chatbot if you click on the question mark in the bottom right corner.

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To answer your questions, a chatbot powered by Ada Support is used. The chatbot is just like crypto, not sticking to a 9-5 schedule. The chatbot is also fully international. It solves the simple questions and arranges harder questions so Customer Support can help you up to 10 times quicker! Thanks to all of you the chatbot improves every day and by improving the knowledge, the amount of work needed from you is reduced continuously. Putting in the work and time, like scrolling through an entire FAQ is left for the fans. Want to know more about the collaboration between LiteBit and Ada Support? Watch the video here.

Some questions are repeatedly asked, therefore we have created a convenient overview of these questions with the right answers! Check it out here to see if your question is answered and maybe this way, you are helped faster than ever!

Check out the FAQ

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