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Recognize social media fraud

We have noticed that a lot of fake social media pages have been created pretending to be LiteBit. These pages claim to give out bonuses to customers or ask you to give out personal information. If you come across fake/malicious LiteBit pages, or if you are being tagged by them, please report them to the social medium. Do not click on any of the links in their posts or comments.

Some common scams and frauds we have spotted:

  1. Fake pages, claiming to give out bonuses, and fake persons commenting saying they did receive said bonuses.
  2. Fake pages that share pictures and names of actual LiteBit followers, claiming that they won a prize.
  3. Private messages to LiteBit followers, asking for your personal or login information.
  4. Fake people/pages commenting on posts by the real LiteBit pages on Instagram and Facebook.

We will never contact you directly via private messages. So whenever you do receive such a private message, it is best to block and report them. In this article, we will explain how to recognize and report malicious pages and channels.

Official channels

Check the URL and handles. The official LiteBit Facebook URL is Any other URLs are fake pages. Most of the fake pages will have a long number in the URL, for example: "LiteBiteu-10558616120579". Whenever you encounter a Facebook page with a different URL, please report the page to Facebook. The page will be submitted to them for review, and hopefully, they will be able to take down the page. The URL for our LinkedIn page is

Our official page’s handles are:

Additionally, you can find our official Telegram channel at

Check the stats

Whenever you encounter a page or channel with very few (most of the time, zero) followers and likes, this is a red flag. Most of the fake pages have been created recently, as well. For our Facebook, the creation date should be December 4, 2013. If you encounter a page with a very recent creation date or zero followers, please report this page as fake.

How can I report a fake page?

Have you encountered a fake page, pretending to be LiteBit? Please report this page to the corresponding social medium. You can find step-by-step guides on these respective pages:

Facebook - "How do I report a page"

Instagram – “Abuse and Spam”

LinkedIn – “Report Fake Pages”

Twitter – “Report violations”

Did you receive a suspicious e-mail, perhaps after clicking a link on social media? You can read all about phishing in this article. If you have questions or are in doubt, contact our Customer Support.

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