Market Update November

a year ago

Monthly Update November

BTC hits the highest price ever!

Yes, Bitcoin has succeeded! The coin has reached its highest prive ever again. Last week, the price of Bitcoin was € 16,761.7! That is a new all time high. Will you be there when Bitcoin makes history again?

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Ripple increased with 170%

Ripple (XRP) has also risen intensely. This week the price of Ripple (XRP) was € 0.059328. This means that the price has increased by more than 170% in the last month! These are the three reasons for the rise in XRP:

  1. Ripple is going to collaborate with the Bank of America.
  2. The launch of a new service called the ‘Paystring’. It is a product for receiving and sending transactions.
  3. The rise in the number of active XRP addresses.

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Ethereum achieves milestone

Ethereum (ETH) has reached a price of $600 (€503,96) for the first time since 2018. In the past three months, the price of Ethereum has increased with 55%.

The recent increase is most likely due to the upcoming launch of Ethereum 2.0. The network upgrade will be introduced to solve the scalability issue of the coin. This combined with the overall bullish aspects of the current crypto market is ensuring the extreme increase in the price of Ethereum.

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