Monthly update December

10 months ago

Monthly update December

Bitcoin has reached €30,900

Bitcoin has reached €30,900, a new all-time high! Are you there now that Bitcoin is making history?

It took quite a while for the Bitcoin price to really tackle its all-time high from 2017. Most market observers and analysts could not really agree until the magic limit of $20,000 was reached. When this was reached, it didn't really matter where the last all-time high had been. Incidentally, Bitcoin owes its price growth, which continues to this day, to the influx of institutional investors.

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Ethereum 2.0 has a successful start

ETH has also reached a new all-time high! The price is currently €993.017. Will it go up even more?

Ethereum is set to change and, in principle, reinvent its entire blockchain once again. The project was heavily debated throughout 2020, not least because the integrity of running smart contracts was also up for debate. Since then, ETH2 has already received quite a bit more in the way of popularity, and the number of validators has also continued to grow. Thus, Ethereum laid the foundation for its further development in 2020.

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XRP is fighting to survive

Ripple and two of its founders are facing a lawsuit by the SEC, casting doubt on XRP's legal status. The U.S. market is suspending trading for the time being, and no one can yet say for sure what the outcome of the proceedings will be. Should XRP be considered a security or not? This question also arose in 2020 and is expected to be resolved only in 2021. This is important not only for XRP, but also for other cryptocurrencies that meet similar requirements.

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