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Monthly update August 2021

Cardano hits new ATH ahead of Alonzo upgrade

Cardano will launch the important Alonzo upgrade on September 12th. This introduces smart contracts and it is expected that a lot of products will be built as soon as Alonzo is available. The lack of smart contracts thus far has been seen as Cardano's biggest drawback.

The price of ADA has risen over 100 percent over the last month and has reached its all-time high. As soon as DApps are built on Cardano, the price might go up even more.


Ether is burning - and it's a good thing!

On August 5th, one of the most anticipated upgrades for Ethereum was implemented. With the implementation of EIP-1559, Ether is now getting burned. Meaning, the Ether is destroyed and not available on the market anymore.

This will make Ether more scarce over time, and reducing inflation. Many analysts argue that this could increase the price. ETH has hit the €2800 mark for the first time since May and has seen a big rally over the last couple of days.

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Bitcoin on a winning streak!

Cardano and Ethereum aren't the only ones that have shown growth over the last couple of days. Bitcoin has been growing steadily, too. Not only did it hit its three-month high of over $50.000 (roughly €42640), it is now on its longest weekly winning streak since last November. It recorded gains for the 5th consecutive week leading up to August 22nd.

Will BTC be able to continue its winning streak?

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Popular risers

These coins have shown the most significant price growth over the past 30 days

  • RVN +116%
  • QTUM +90%
  • ADA +103%

The losers

None! No coin has shown a price drop compared to 30 days ago. Feeling bullish yet?

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