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Hereby the monthly update of April 2021

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Altseason has started

Bitcoin has hit its lowest level of dominance since August 2018 and is already very close to dropping below 50 percent. Bitcoin's dominance has been in a downward spiral since March 27. Conversely, many altcoins have been on the rise in the past month. Does this mean that alt season has started?

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Ethereum is achieving records

The number of active addresses on the Ethereum network has increased enormously. An all-time high of 580,000 addresses has even been reached!

But how is it possible that this has increased so much? Mainly by Defi, NFT and Stablecoins, because they rely on smart contracts on the Ethereum network and they are also growing extremely fast. What else will happen at ETH?

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Ripple is climbing its way back up

The SEC started a lawsuit against Ripple, which created a lot of uncertainty. Many thought this was the end for XRP, but it is climbing its way back to the top!

There are two reasons for this namely: Ripple is doing well in court and the XRP community has gone all out on social media. #RelistXRP is doing its job! Do you think Ripple will find its way back to the top?

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Popular risers

These are the most popular coins which have risen the most in the past 30 days.

Popular losers

These popular coins have fallen significantly over the past 30 days.

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