4 months ago

The LiteBit Chatbot

Last week our chatbot was featured during the ACX-PO. During this webinar we talked about how the chatbot helped LiteBit users to reach their desired answer up to 10 times faster!

At LiteBit it is a priority to answer our customers’ questions as soon as possible. It is also very important to us that your questions are answered in an understandable and clear way. To achieve this, our chatbot is used.

Ada Support

The chatbot is powered by Ada Support. The chatbot is just like crypto, not sticking to a 9-5 schedule. This makes it easier for you to receive an answer very quickly! Try it out any time of the day. The chatbot is there for you!

Supports multiple languages

The chatbot is also fully international, so your questions are more likely to be answered in your native language.

Fastest response to your question

It solves the simple questions and helps with the harder questions so Customer Support can help you up to 10 times quicker. Thanks to all of you the chatbot improves every day and by improving the knowledge, the amount of work needed from you is reduced continuously. Putting in the work and time, like scrolling through an entire FAQ is left for the fans.

Some example questions the chatbot can answer:

  • What is my order status?
  • When will I receive my credit payout?
  • When do I get my confirmation email?

Try it out now

Feel free to try it out by clicking the chatbot icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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