New listings: COMP and BAND

7 months ago

New listings: COMP and BAND

We have listed more new coins today! As of now, Band protocol and Compound are available on our platform! This blog will highlight all the essentials that you need to know about these two new coins so you can start trading them!

Band Protocol (BAND)

Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that can take real-world data and supply it to on-chain applications. Additionally, to help the exchange of information between on-chain and off-chain data sources, APIs are connected to smart contracts.

Band Protocol is interesting for developers, because it supplies reputable and verifiable real-world data to blockchains. Therefore, new use cases are available for developers to explore.

There are 100 million tokens available of BAND.


Compound (COMP)

Compound is a DeFi lending protocol. Users of Compound can earn interest on their crypto by depositing them into one of the pools that are supported by their platform.

Compound has stated that many cryptocurrencies are not advantageous for “hodlers”. They hope to change that with their COMP token. Its open lending platform allows anyone who deposits supported Ethereum tokens to effortlessly obtain interest on their balance.

There are 10 million COMP tokens accessible.

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