Bitcoin Cash: How is it different?

a year ago

Bitcoin Cash: How is it different?

Bitcoin Cash is trying to do things differently than Bitcoin. But how? Let’s dive into BCH and its features.

The Fork

The Bitcoin community had a big discussion that was related to the scalability problem. In fact, the fundamentals of this discussion dates back to the year 2015, when it became clear that the block size might need an increase. But it was in the year 2017 when a part of the Bitcoin community felt that it was time to go separate ways.

What happened was a so-called hard fork. Meaning that Bitcoin Cash was built on the exact same protocol as Bitcoin, but with all those changes in mind that this part of the Bitcoin community wanted to see implemented.

The split was not considered to be a friendly act by many, but then again it wasn’t hostile either since every holder of Bitcoin was handed the exact same amount of Bitcoin Cash at the time of the fork. It was basically free money and a new cryptocurrency was born.

What is Bitcoin Cash trying to achieve?

Bitcoin Cash increased the block size and took several other changes that were believed to scale the Bitcoin Cash blockchain better than the original Bitcoin blockchain. Many supporters of Bitcoin Cash claimed that their version was closer to the version that the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, had in mind.

Since Satoshi simply vanished and never made an ultimate statement about the block size before he left, it remains an individual interpretation of what he meant in those mails and posts publicly available.

Bitcoin Cash is trying to solve the scalability problem with an increased block size. It is believed that this will allow more transactions per second and also cheaper transactions fees.

Is Bitcoin Cash the real Bitcoin?

No, it isn’t. While we don’t like to judge people’s ideas it is worth to point out that the original Bitcoin blockchain stayed intact and was not succeeded by Bitcoin Cash. Both are separate blockchains and therefore are two different crypto.

In fact, it turned out that Bitcoin is still the number one crypto in the world. Bitcoin Cash on the other hand did very well, but is in many terms far away from being a competitor for the top position. Still, Bitcoin Cash is a valid crypto like all other Altcoins and offers interesting opportunities and it remains open if it should ever overtake Bitcoin.

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